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Doing some moving around

Mar. 3rd, 2013 | 07:18 am
mood: sicksick
music: Markus Schulz

I hope I didn't freak out everyone with my last few posts... I seem to hit a speed bump or something and now I'm over it. I've noticed its like a trend with me... I'll just push myself so far down into the dirt that I need to reset myself. That's all it was, so I hope nobody's worried or anything.

With that said, I'm going to be ditching this journal soon. Moonbyrn isn't who I am anymore, the character and name represents a time in my life that's all but waned. Waxed? I think it's waned. Whichever one means to go away. Whatever. It's early and I'm stuck at home with food poisoning. Joy.

Anywho, everything with that name has to go. Except for my email and FA, but I won't be as active on FA (under that name as of right now). I will probably still draw pronz here and there for friends or trades, but I don't want to go back to solely drawing it. Its fun and all, but... muh...

As far as my art goes, I'm concentrating on sculpting and my comic. I would like to be able to take commissions for sculptures, but I don't feel I'm ready for the things that may come my way, omg.

Here's my newest art gallery, Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/profile/haida
(I really like the website so far, thanks Loaf!)

I'm also looking to get my very own website up and running some time this year. Yay!

Dude, there's a freaking windstorm outside. I swear it's going to tear this trailer apart. D:

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yo momma

Oct. 23rd, 2010 | 10:44 pm
location: United States, Colorado, Littleton
mood: amusedamused

Went to the eye doctor's today. Haven't been to one for like three years. The people inside were weird as shit... like one lady tossing all these glasses at me to try on... ones that had like tortoise shell patterns and just butt-ugly ones. I was certain she was a salesman but she wasn't! Then I had my exam and the dude was about my age! I gave his forewarning that I hate having my eyes touched. Well he dilated my eyes... which I fought... then had to check my pressure or something? Usually they do a puff of air (which I am totally used to!) But now they stick a freakin rod in your eye and you can't blink. He managed to get one after several attempts and couldn't get the second one because I was spazzing too much! Oops! So he just punched in his computer that everything was good, lol.

Long story short... eyes are good. My vision is apparently pretty balanced... except for the horrible blurryness. That dumbass lady in the front took my glasses to get the prescription and then asked me to do paperwork!! I was bent over the front desk like 4 inches away from the paper! Brian tho came over and filled the rest out for me... I felt so helpless but it was nice of him. :3

Then I found my new glasses. They're dark red, plastic, thick rimmed and hide a lot. But they look good and they're not my usual boring shit. And I got transitions! I haven't worn sunglasses since I was about 6 or 7! So excited!

I like having my eyes dilated. Makes you look like a psycho. 83

And I got the protection plan. Since I dropped my old phone that once... I buy it all over the place.

Oh, and live today for today. Do good and try your hardest. Bridges will be crossed when you get there and don't be a pussy. Now to sleep I go. :D

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Sep. 8th, 2009 | 08:06 pm
location: home
mood: enthralledenthralled

Friday was the wedding. It was pretty good, except for the lack of decent pictures. Fucking... ugh... why can't anyone take pictures in my family?! All photographers will probably cringe looking at the few GOOD pictures I have heres.

We went to Governor's Park, in LoDo, where it was really quiet and really green. I mean trees. And grass. It's kind of a luxury. Grass hates our yard and the few trees we have are crappy. And there weren't any hobos (which was what I was most afraid of...).

On to picturesCollapse )Tomorrow, I go to see the Killers. I'm so excited. I'm buying a t-shirt. Expect pictures. :D

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(no subject)

Jul. 20th, 2009 | 02:27 pm
location: home
mood: goodgood
music: deadmau5

On Friday, I had this job interview. It went pretty well, lasted a little over an hour... and I think the boss really likes me. It's for a candle supply company, I would just be labeling packages, data entry and some receptionist stuff, but the first thing the boss asks me is about my freelance illustration stuff. I didn't bring any samples with me because I figured this was just an office job, and they'd have no interest seeing my portfolio, but he wouldn't let it rest. He asked me what things I could do, what programs I use (even though I said it on my resume... which he had a copy of) and if I could do photo editing. He asked me several times if I would be okay doing design work along with my other duties and of COURSE I said yes! He said, "ohhh, yeah, that could be an asset!" and I'm like "pfft, look at my website. The hell it 'could be'!"

He then put huge circles around my email and phone number and asked me twice if these were correct/current. Of course. :3

He said he would let me know some time this week. Ugh, I can't wait anymore. The suspense, it is killing me. He had more interviews today, so I don't know if I should call them up or wait until tomorrow to do so (though I don't know why he just didn't cancel them ;D). It's only 5 minutes from my house. I shit you not. It's the greatest commute EVER. And then they're looking to move the company DOWN THE STREET from me. AWESOME. I also pointed that out, and he was like OMG no wai!

I feel very good about this job. Everyone else who works there is either just a little older than me or as old as me. Yay no teenagers! And as it's a candle shop as well, it smells DELICIOUS! AND it's not retail! Holidays? I has them. No more dumbasses or stupid hours for me. 8:30-5, Mon-Fri. Oh yeah. Did I mention I get my weekends back?


How I have missed them. I have tried for the past 3 weeks to obtain them from work, being denied each time. I've told my bosses countless times I cannot work weekends anymore. I have too much going on, and then when I try to get time off, they deny me. So I called in last Sunday, even though I was legitimately sick with food poisioning (I shat 13 times in 26 hours VIOLENTLY and got NO sleep) and then that ended up working out pretty well because Brian was only able to come home on Sunday last week. Sad. I usually get to see him for a few days, not just one. He was like, "Dude, call out today. This is the ONLY time I get to see you." And I was shitting everywhere... so yeah, I called out. Then Wednesday, I was talking to one of my managers, and she SERIOUSLY asked me, "It's unacceptable that you have weekends off, and that you only work mornings. We all dream of an 8-5 job. Why would you even TRY to change?" I explained to her that it's for my (tiny) family, and she was like "there is nothing we can do."

Well take your weekendless job and FUCKING SHOVE IT.

Also, lol at her.

No. It's a crock of lies, I tell you. They can change it. It is not manditory that I have my weekends open. My Target is fucking cheap when it comes to hiring new people. They will not do it. We've been shorthanded for MONTHS now, and they just hired two new people. Bullshit. And next week, for 5 hours, I get to be a cashier. Um. Hello. I didn't go to college to run a cash register.

So then yesterday, Brian is like, "It's just a shitty job. It's not even a real job. It's TARGET. It's an unimportant job and they can replace you just as easily. So call in." And I wanted to, I just couldn't do it. I told him I know this is a shitty job, but it's a responsibility... but then... so is being with my teeny starting family. So he did. And they didn't like what he had to say. He talked to the same boss that asked me why I thought I could change.

He told her I wasn't coming in today. She asked if I were available to talk. He said no, I wasn't, because he wasn't letting me (lol). She goes "umm?" He then FIRMLY told them I wasn't able to work weekends anymore, namely Sunday because he works 6 days a week, and this is the only day he gets to spend with me. So she says, rather angrily now, "So she's not coming in because of YOU?" and he says kinda like a smartass, "YES. SHE CAN'T WORK WEEKENDS."

Well, two things are going to happen at work now. I'm going to get shit for this from the boss AND rumors are probably going to start floating around about my "abusive boyfriend." Looool. Despite the fact I have a massive rock on my finger, people only seem to notice it when it waggles in front of their faces. I think it's my personality. Same thing if I cut my hair. And I'm going to get "written up" but seriously, are we in fucking kindergarden or something?! Or fired. To which I will say, "NO, I QUIT! >:|"

He's not abusive, btw. He's never even been mad with me. We've never had an argument, either. :D He just wants lines that are drawn to be FUCKING DRAWN, if you know what I mean. Obvious? Yes. They should be obvious.

I hate that job, anyways. It doesn't pay enough for the bullshit I must endure.

I took Loki to the dog park today. There were only like 7 dogs or so, and this one kept pestering Loki to play and be dominated. He would put his chin on Loki's neck and nip his ears. It wasn't too hard, and most of the time, he didn't have his mouth open... so I guess he was just pushing? Loki ignored him the whole time, and the owner thought it was kinda funny. Well, it was. I woulda been upset if he were actually biting, but he wasn't so.. yeah. And this lady had two collie-mix puppies (maybe 4 months) who had no training. I mean, she was trying, but she wasn't doing it right. I wanted to give her a hand but I didn't want to seem like an ass. They kept following me around to play, too. :D And there was this short-haired pointer who was behaving quite odd... actually... neurotically... it was running and running and then OMG A BIRD and it would YELP. And spin, and yelp and just go crazy. Reminded me of my aunt's hunting dog who didn't get exercise. I didn't know who's dog it was because no one was paying any attention to it. Then about 50 minutes of being there, this disgusting hippie/yuppie woman shows up with a 3 year old boy. She makes him take the leash (they had no dog with them) and she walks over and SITS in this busy grassy area. SHE SITS where the dogs have been pissing and shitting. Ew. EW EW EW. Her son was still at the door of the park. A 3 year old. Alone. DOG PARK. This is asking for trouble. They also ahve signs that say NOT to bring kids in. They're just too small and dogs are rough.

The son comes and curls up in the lady's lap. They're still sitting on a bathroom floor, essentially. Then the dogs start climbing over them. "Ohh, wow, so warm!" Uh. Sure. Loki doesn't, Loki is kinda shy around people. He runs away from people who try to pet his head. Then the pointer comes over and it's glaringly obvious this is their dog. It pushes the little boy off of his mom's lap and tries to curl up there. "Awww, wow, I love you, too, look, Billy, Scruffy loves us." The little boy is like :C Then like 5 feet to the left of them, Loki lifts his leg towards them and pees. They didn't even MOVE. I mean, none got on them, but the thought of pee... eww. SHE WAS EVEN WATCHING HIM.

Seeing as the mom was a hippie thing, I think she was like, "ohh, the sacred golden dog rain. He's watering the plants!"

Then they go to take the psycho dog home. He's pulling on the leash like mad. Wow. This is a dog park, not a fucking kennel. What if the dog got out? What if he got stolen? What if he attacked someone?

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Jun. 29th, 2009 | 10:02 am
mood: bouncybouncy
music: billy jean is not my loooverrr



I was at work yesterday, unloading some boxes of back to school shit, and I opened one and on top of the comp books was a print out of a teeny rottie puppy. He looked just like Loki, so I had to keep it. :P

I am going today to go make prints of my portfolio. Woooo!


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May. 23rd, 2009 | 05:30 am
location: grand lake, co
mood: excitedexcited
music: the heater :3

We're camping, right, and I got up at 5 to walk Loki.



This is gonna be a good trip!

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May. 5th, 2009 | 10:01 am
location: home
mood: melancholymelancholy
music: VNV Nation

I just found my BFF from highschool via the Facebook.



I mentioned her 1000000000000 times in the span of this LJ's life. Just not the last... um... couple years.


Though I don't know if I'll try to talk to her or not, still might be kinda hard to (she found Jesus, remember?). And I don't think she'd care for half of the shit I do now (drink, draw porn, live with someone I'm not married to -yet- )... My only defense for it is "I don't drink THAT much, only like once every two weeks and I don't get drunk when I do!" and "IT'S FOR THE MONEY!!!" and "We're getting married after I graduate, which is soon!" Doesn't sound convincing to me.

Iunno. Just kinda bummed, I guess.

But Nani is coming over later! WOOO!

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Apr. 3rd, 2009 | 12:14 pm
mood: goodgood
music: Apoptygma Berzerk

This is my last month of school. I have my fingers crossed that I can get a job straight out of it and I don't have to keep working retail. I hate it. I want to create stuff. GAH!

I have been reinventing my comic idea... I used to post about it all the time, "The Asylum." It's totally getting a face lift. I'm also rewriting most of the character's bios and redesigning some of them. I am stoked about it, but don't want to commit to it until after I get a good job. I'll need help with it, so I've been sorta looking for a comic artist in Denver. I've had no luck so far, but again I've barely been looking cuz of not wanting to start on it yet. Also think I'll get it published online, so... webcomic. The main character, Ixora, was totally a lesbo, but I've since decided to make her asexual, but she still has that lesbian vibe about her and I don't know how to fix it. DX It's kinda annoying!

I've also got a low-budget film company looking at my art and hiring me as a monster designer. Hopefully, I'll know the results next week. :D

I've got a FUCKTON of commissions lately. It's nice to be busy and stuff.

Today is cleaning day. Today is payday. I finally got accepted for a credit card. Not like I have bad credit, though. I just have no history.

I have been in the Springs most of this week, visiting my family. They wouldn't leave me alone about it! And now I'm back, Ergo won't leave me alone. He's all "you were gone sooo long LOVE ME" and it's kinda annoying. My sister is also visiting... uh... yeah. XD He's gonna be 5 soon.

I bought Pokemon Platinum. Cuz I love that game. I'm such a geek over it.

Searching to get a new gun. There's two I want: A .44 Desert Eagle and a 20g pump-action shotgun. I saw one in Gander Mtn. and I fell in love with it. I want a shotgun cuz I kinda wanna get into hunting... and I want the Desert Eagle cuz it's badass and I can't handle the .50. Next I have to get a rifle of large-sorts because I want to take an elk or deer. Yummmm. Granted all of this costs a LOT of money so I'm waiting on it... the cheapest one was the shotgun cuz the one I was looking at was like $700. X_X Hunting liscenses for elk are like $1200, anyways. So... bah. D:

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Mar. 9th, 2009 | 08:26 pm
mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
music: Muse

SO on Saturday, Brian took me to go see Watchmen. Now. I don't know diddly-squat about it. I only know what a couple people have said. I also know that back in the day, like 9th grade, a guy I liked tried to explain it to me. Uh, yeah. It's not easily explainable, so it made no sense.

I ALSO have heard that you won't really understand the awesomeness unless you've read the comic. So after the movie, I dragged Brian to Borders to buy it for me. I'm like... mostly through it and already the movie makes a fuckton more sense. :D I will have to go back to see it again when I am done, clearly.

I REALLY liked Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach. The other guys, ok. Nite Owl was soooo 80's. Like the epitome of the 80's. I didn't like the chick (see, I didn't make any effort to remember her name) she was such a ho. But DAMN. What blew me away was the depth of the characters. In the book, they have that same amount of depth, but it's like... I can't figure out what gives them that depth. It's not so much the art, and I know the diction has something to do with it... but its' like they have auras, ON PAPER. It's awesome!

Brian liked the chick. When we get out of the theater, he goes, "SHE HAD A NICE ASSSSSS... but that was all she had going for her." I laughed. Then got mad. XD And then we went into a Brookstone and Brian got mistaken for a chick. WOW. How do you fuck that up, he hadn't shaved in a week.

It seems I have quite the pottymouth. :X

After I finish my homework, I want to go snuggle up with the comic and possibly do fanart. :D

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information travels faster

Mar. 2nd, 2009 | 10:55 pm
mood: gigglygiggly
music: deathcab for cutie

So the weekend was pretty grood. I got to hang out with Nani and her and I and Brian all went out for AWESOME BUFFET. And it was delicious. We then went over to Gander Mountain and I got a couple boxes of ammo and Nani got a plushie. Gander has these super soft ones and I want like all of them. D:<

It's also really hard to find anything for ammo, I have started to notice...

Then we drove home, and I got drunk so I don't remember too much. No, I don't drink much at all anymore. I had promised Nani I wouldn't have anything to drink until her birthday, so when I did drink, it kicked my ass. In a good way. But now I have a freezer full of red roosters. Like. There is no room for ANYTHING. Soooo I must eat them and be merry. :3

Nani spent the rest of the weekend absorbed into Twilight Princess and Brian and I kinda farted around. He made me a chain of old shells (like... from my behbeh) and I hung them from around my rear-view mirror. Now, I must get some kind of badass (gun inspired) shifter knob and a suicide knob. Lots of knobs to buy. I don't know if they are illegal here or not. Buuuut... Autozone sells them, so what the fuck? I still need a bra. Hahahahaa.

Then on Sunday I took Nani home. I think it's sorta pretty up where she lives, in an eerie sort of way. I hope she's doin' ok now.

I've been crate training Loki all week, and we've had to start putting him in there when we leave. He wasn't ready for it, but he's started to tear the door up. He's tried to eat the doorknob and door frame. And then he's clawed up the linoleum on the floor. We were gonna replace it anyways, but damn. So we stuck him in there, and he's a whole lot quieter, that's for sure.

He just... panics when he's alone. It's fuckin' not cool.

OH and then we bought all the stuff I will need for my garden. I started planting seeds tonight. I'm so excited! 8D

Brian and I had an interesting talk today, and if this doesn't explain Colorado, I don't know what will:

B: "It feels like JUNE out today! It's only March, I can't imagine what June'll feel like."
Me: "March."

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